RK (14th July 1943 / Essex, England)

The Black Ravine

Yet again I speak of love,
Remaining faithful to that life
When your faithful brow was mine
And our hearts with joy entwined.
I still yearn for that past time
Which forever will be locked
Within my inmost heart and soul
And so remain, alone, unmocked.

I lost my love to you in vain
And now my solitary state
Is a river at full spate
Tormented by a writhing pain.
Forever banished to its course,
It becomes obsessed with force,
Cascading, drowning with it's anger
All those that in the way do linger.

The fury mounts until it seems
Uncontrolled, anguished dreams
Bathed in foaming hostile guise,
Righteous spirits of Satan's lies.
Heartless rapids graze the skin,
Dark gorges cut the same again,
Every moment adding torture,
Rushing onwards to the slaughter.

The deep crevass, the black ravine
Wait in silence to begin
Their unholy final whim
Against the water's inborn sin.
But then an open sea is found
That salves the water's gaping wound
Of being loosened on the earth
In pursuit of nature's curse.

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