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The Black Ships Were Low Laden
DK (1951 / UK)

The Black Ships Were Low Laden

The black ships were low laden
And to portugal home bound
They rose with that deep ocean swell
Slowed by the riches they had found.

Those black ships were a portent
Of a far more deadly trade
Of human traffic taken
And transported as mere slaves.

Deep within those black ships' hulls
And flaming on their sails
A thousand souls were crying
Like a chorus in those gales.

The winds were blowing backward
Each venomous black boat
The weight inside each one of them
Fought against them being afloat.

God he blew storms of madness
And sought to turn them back
The sea churned like a mystery
With the sky a vicious black.

The captain stood amongst them
Standing firm upon his deck
He made a pact with Lucifer
With the devil and with death.

The cargo was a sacrifice
The holds were emptied till
The ships could sail full forward
And then the sea did still.

So fill your ships with slavery
But of our pact you must not tell
My mission on this earthly place
Is to create as many hells
As i can find by seeking
The weakness in men's souls
And the emptying of principles
Lies in man's keen quest for gold.

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its funny how all things are connected, before reading your poem i was reading a book i bought about TITANIC, you now the story, the rich got off first along withwomen and kids.-great poem.....