The Black Things

Please don't forget the Black Things.
They're with you where you go.
And always just beyond you.
The next mistake, you know.

It may not be your doing.
Sometimes, his judgement fails.
For always there'll be damage;
When man, forgets details.

But often, its your doing.
A fatal choice of deed.
That short term lapse of judgement,
That Black Things surely need.

They come upon you quickly.
Sometimes, out of the blue.
Though if you saw them coming,
There's little you could do.

As certain as the nighttime.
Gives way for every day;
I'll bet you see a Black Thing,
Appear to you someday.

These things you must not question.
The things that should not be.
These things that make you human.
They're all Black Things you see.

So if you see a Black Thing,
And its standing next to you;
Remember its of all such things,
The one that's tried and true.

But here, though you can't kill it.
You may keep it at bay.
Just by telling someone,
You love them, everyday.


Comments (24)

you are always so clever. you write about things I would never think of. excellent piece, hun.
Interesting concept, cleverly applied
i rather like this one! good stuff mr 1962.22 other comments means i cant add anything that hasnt been said already - but just letting you know i like it. al.
Nicely done! A combination of the high beauty of thought and language.
As far as rhyming poetry goes, your 'end rhyming words '...go - know, deed - need, blue - do, day - everyday, be - see, bay - everyday, are at the very least bland and uninventive. I have nothing against poetry that rhymes, but come on, let's have a bit of imagination. As you give a great deal of honest crit. to others, I am sure you will defend my right and value my assessment of your work. Regards, Ian Bowen
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