MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

Faith, Hope And Charity

Within the dark gloomy night
three ladies with lanterns await
to guide us along the path
and lead us safely home.
The ladies are simply called
Faith, Hope and Charity.

is our faith we hold
as a bond so dear
that the good Lord
will guide us away
from the evil that we hear.

is that new beginning
that rises with the morning sun
that our day will be
filled with abundance
of joy, laughter and love
from dawn to dusk.

is for the helping hand
that we sometimes need,
but we also give
along our way home.
The hand we out stretch
to someone who has fallen along the way.

They are three sisters of mercy
that are always around,
the ones that show us the way
when we have fallen on rocky ground.
The three saviours in our life,
Faith, Hope and Charity.

3 April 2011

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