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The Blame Game

Build beach front property in the path of the ocean
Land developers had no inkling or notion
Deterioration of land
Experts amazed but don’t understand

Build your cities on an earthquake fault
Experts are shocks at this assault

Modern man is so intelligent and civilized
Subjugation of all life or death enterprise
Even stupidity can recognize and respect Universal Nature
Inspite of modernized, plagerized nomenclature

Destruction of the atmosphere and the birds
Business mentality of the absurd

Great waters of the world, the shark’s domain
To pollute these waters is insane
Destroying natural resources in profane

Modern man, civilized man
The reign of pain you inflict
Will predict the final demise of innocent lives

Blatant anger with a badge and a gun
Feeling powerful while intimidating just for fun
Shoot to kill, the law has won

The judge on the bench is full of hate
This animosity determines your fate
To appease this anger, punishment of an innocent stranger

People are resources and property
Crime and drugs blamed on parents and poverty
What about white collar crime
It’s portrayed as a good-deed most of the time

by Josephine DixonBanks

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