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The Blank Page And The Poet's Mission

The blank sheet of paper
is always a new beginning,
a chance to create the world again,

repudiate memory,
right all wrongs,

dethrone Intellect
and dunk him three times
in the Lake of the Heart
till he laughs,

write the world
the way you know it ought to be
so that when you lift
your pen and your face,
it really will be different,
and even

create a Golden Scripture
that will transform
everyone who sees it
and put us finally
all on the same page

And the amazing thing is
that you actually attain
all that sometimes,
and you know when you've done it,
it's not just some kind of delusion,

it's a genuine
change of the metaphysical
and molecular state of everything.

But then cooling or something
begins to set in,
it's not the same as it was,

and you realize
you're gonna have to do it again.

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prohpetically accurate..
Motivating! I like the last two stanzas the most. I realised that it is difficult not to sound prose-like like it happened in two stanzas of this poem and just like what sometimes happens in my case. But I'm not an expert - yet - so my opinion may not really matter. In fact, I do not know if my work qualifies as poetry.
Insightful honesty! From Genesis to..... genesis all over again, with emotions stirred, recreated, quoshed, exacerbated in between, with every tabula rasa. I thought twice on reding 'HAVE' to do it again.. then realised the accuracy of this - the compulsion. Frustrating! Grand. t x
I love this. 'Repudiate memory, right all wrongs' oh yes indeed. If only we could do it for real rather than just in words. Thanks Max Clair
You change the world so often with your fine word combinations. When the heat starts to cool, you faithfully pick up your pen (or keyboard...but I'd imagine you with a pen) a begin to set another flame. Thank you for this one. I like your outlook.
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