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The Blank Page.

The Blank Page.

The blank page rested upon the desk before me.
Yet no matter how hard I tried,
No words could I find to describe my aching desire to be with you!

I closed my eyes as memories drifted back to long ago,
When time was young and life felt free.
Yet still no words could I find.

The carousel of thoughts brought forth the smell of the fresh morning dew,
Of days when we ran and played through fields of ripening corn or blossom laden trees. The wild birds that sang were singing just for you.

Then, there you were.
As clear as all the other whispering images from the past.
At last I knew that I had no need of the blank page any more,
When in my memories and my thoughts, I am always beside you.

Jack E Blennim.

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I liked the approach and development of this poem. 'The carousel of thoughts' and 'whispering images from the past' caught my fancy. I was reading some of William Blake's poems before reading this and came across one of his verses, 'Imaganation has nothing to do with Memory.' I can understand your 'Blank Page' and 'no need of the blank page any more'.