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The Blanket
AMF (09/09/60 / Crescent City, California)

The Blanket

A gift from the heart, so very rare,
this blanket, made, with love and care;

Crochet by hand, each and every stitch,
to keep you warm, cold nights like this.

The life you have lived, by the words in your note;
if only the years, I could have wrote.

The sadness, demons and fears, you have faced,
would all simply, have been erased.

Too kind, too dear a friend,
to have suffered heartache, so hard to mend.

Allow yourself to live and to feel;
always remain sweet, lovable and real.

Don't ever change, be who you are;
Know that for me, you're a shining star;

Somewhere up there to guide my way;
Inspiring me; today, and every day.

I will think of you and smile as I do,
and remember the friend, I found in you.

Take this blanket, stay safe from harm.
Wrap yourself in it, keep yourself warm.

Wherever we go, whatever, from here,
please think of me, keep my memory near.

I'll be thinking of you each step of the way,
hoping our paths cross again someday.

I'll miss you my friend, I really will,
for this moment in time, my heart truly stood still.

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This topic requires a creative poet to pull it off and you did just that