OE ( / Humacao, Puerto Rico)

The Blessed Peace Of Freedom

The blessed peace of freedom rings for all
Mankind, but only as a dream; a world
Of fantasy where make believe competes
For equal time. We dream of freedom's peace,
But in reality, there is no peace.

The chains of slavery cling fast to our
Subdued reality. Afraid we move
As programmed robots do, unwilling to
Accept that peace and freedom figments are
Of our imagination's roadless dream.

Oh road of freedom's peace, how can we find
Your way? "Look to yourselves", the road will say.
"Don't seek me in the man made maps, but seek
Me in your hearts, the realm of our true Love;
The only hope of man's eventual Peace."

Love is the key to open Freedom's way:
And with it Peace will shine triumphantly.
We, Love must trust, if we will Freedom seek.
The chains will broken be, and Peace will fill
The lives of all Mankind eternally.

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