The Blind Traveller Who Gains His Sight

I remember the times
When your life was pretty buoyant
And energy ran high
When expectation
Ran beyond reality
And, when it seemed
That death and disease
Happened only to other people
But time turned out
To be a tyrant
Crushing on inexorably

The raft you so painstakingly
built for yourself
Sailed too fast
Giving you only fleeting images
Of an enigmatic world

Relax, said an inner voice
Relax and look more closely
Relax and feel more closely
Relax and discover
The world within you
There is you –
This new uncharted territory
Waiting to explored

Why do you want to borrow
Why imitate
You are a lot more than you will ever know
But you thought you knew too much
You thought you were – so to speak
The cat’s whiskers
And more over
You had neither the time nor the patience
You were too busy
Trying to look good
And now
When you are on the outer reaches
Of life’s periphery
Looking forlornly at a silent sunset
You think
I wish I knew then
What I know now

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