The Blistering Summer Heat

Oh the blistering summer heat!
You can feel it, from the top of
your head, way down to your feet!
There's no way, you can beat it,
regardless what you do, as the
blistering heat is going to bother
you! You can ply yourself with ice
cold drinks, that's one way to stay
calm, cool and collected. However,
that does't last too long, just as
you might have suspected! Going into
air conditioned places, that's really
your best bet. You'll cool off mighty
quick, even though you're soaking wet!
Once there, in the cool air, you'll
want to stay as you're able. So off
you go to the food court and grab
yourself, a table. There you'll sit,
taking advantage of it and at the same
time, buy another cold drink. For now,
you have solved the problem but come
tomorrow, it will be the same, don't you

by Audrey Heller

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This dreaded summer heat has affected everyone. This year, many have even died from it. Your poem is a great advisory. Good advice, but please don't forget to drink plenty of water.