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The Blood Mixes With The Tears

We set alone in your room talkin bout us

U say the word i thought I'd never hear u say

U told me goodbye after i said i love u

Now i set alone with all this love 2 give

I set in my room y my blood mixes with my tears

U cut my heart so now i cut my wrist

With ever tear that falls a dropp of blood mixes with it

The deeper the cut the more blood and tears mix

Im sitting here wounderin if your blood and tears r mixing

I look out my window while I cut and cry

I rember the good days we had

Then i rember that day

The day u said gooodbye when i said i loved u

So now i cut

And my blood mixes with my tears

Y would u make me do this

U didn't have 2 say goodbye

U didn't have 2 make me this way

I loved u and still do

While i rember i cut

And my blood mixes with my tears

I hate knowing u don't care

So as i love but hate u

My blood mixes with my tears

U came over 2day

U sit me down

U said u made a mistake

U tell me u love me

And i tell u goodbye

So now as u sit in your room

And rember the day

Your blood mixes with your tears

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