CM (1980 / Arizona)

The Blood Of My Brethren

The blood of my brethren
Flows like river to the sea
Painting my eyes red
Turning my thoughts to death
I mourn with great torment
For my fallen brethren
My tears fall so steadily
They wed with the sea
Just as the blood of the lost
So now you know
Why the water around
My emerald isle is so
For the souls of my brethren
And the great sea before you
Have joined in pain and in blood
The blood of my brethren flows
Even today with the sea
As does it flow deep
Within me

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powerful ending to a deep, striking poem. the imagery of the flowing blood remaining for so long both within them and in the sea where it flows so readily like a river is. the imave of him being on an island surrounded by this water/blood is really moving/creepy and sad. your wording and imagery is clear and beautiful (like the tears wedding with the sea, so nice) . I really like this poem, nice write ^^ Kath