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The Blood Of The Lamb

Friend, Do you know about the Blood of the Lamb?
The Lamb of God! Jesus Christ!
Ever Made! God's Only Begotten Son!
Jesus made that Trade, His Life for ours!
He died on the Cross, His Blood was shed!
God Raised Him from the dead!
In-order for Us all to be Saved!
He took our place, as Blood ran down His Face
He said 'Father Forgive Them! '
He did this for Us! God to forgive our sins!
So we can become Born-again!
Then the Holy Spirit can work with-in!
To those who Believe! Will Receive!
You need to ask Jesus Christ in your heart!
For He is the Only Way! To Our Father!
With God's given Grace, He made a Place,
For Us to be with Him in Eternity!
Follow Jesus Christ! The Lamb of God!

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