The Blood So Sweet,

This river came from a top the tallest tower.
From above, there stood a rose.

From the flower that Blood so sweet
flows the coldest of rivers.
It glisens and shines like gold or sliver,

Blood so sweet as I walk away
beneath my feet as I write my play

Running along to color the surface.
blood so sweet, oh whats its purpose.

blood so sweet, a drip A dropp it hits the floor,
as it hits, he stops, never more.

He slides he glides along the tower.
as he creeps he crawls, to steal his beloved flower.

Then one night his lucky day.
blood so sweet, he thought he'd drown,
he had to play,

But to his dismay.
blood so sweet hit the ground
only to turn from red to gray.

He watched it fade, along with himself.
but He had to stop he had to wait.
it was Blood so sweet, he couldn't exscape.

Blood so sweet soon to be sour
no longer to flow from that bleeding flower.
Soon to be dust, twas the tower.

The blood so sweet,
the taste of his love.
No longer to fall.
No sight from above

The flower to bloom, on the darkest of days
The blood so sweet had faded away.

by Ron Farmer

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