The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears..My Ink.

Write With Your Heart As Well As Your Mind, Ignorance Does Not Follow These Rules.Open The Minds Of Those Who Do not See Speak Or Hear, But Welcome Those Who Are Curious. Bleed Every Word On White Walls, Color Every Beginning In Red And Never Predict An Ending. Speak The Unspeakable, Write Your Definition, Create Your Words Into Painted Pictures For The Blind.. Never Write In Vain, Never Bleed The Same Words Without Creating A Rainbow Of Colors For The Naked Eye. Make Words That Give A Visible Change When Noones Looking, Spill Your Blood On Blank Pages And Give Truth To Your Pain And Let No One Take Your Will. Change The Echos In Silence, Break A cycle Even If For A Moment.. If You Can Feel It, You Can See It, If You Can Endure It, You Can Write It, And If You Can Write It, There Will Lay A Piece Of Your Heart.

by Lucy Medina

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