(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Blooming. The Innocence. And The Grooming Done

The blooming.
For the first time I noticed.
The different hues and scents.
Each with a unique,
And magificent appearance.
These are flowers,
Reaching to peak!

The innocence.
Of children playing,
As they display experience...
Climbing the monkey bars,
Closed within elementary school yards.
These are 'adults'...
At the beginning of their bloom.

The grooming done,
By mothers of freshly born pets.
This 'aliveness' felt...
When I witness nature at 'her' best.

The passing of sirens,
Rushing through inner city streets.
Enriches an involvement,
Of a life one gets...
Once it becomes obvious,
How all is connected.
And how one observing,
Becomes attached to it!
All seeking to climax,
At a destiny reached.

The blooming.
The innocence.
And the grooming done!
And I observing all...
As if all is within one.
It is!

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Yes it is Lawrence. Soulful poem and profound perspective, delivered with light hearted grace.