[fallen Angel]

Am I prisoner?

am I trapped in this world?

(I need to the key before I loose myself.)

I don’t wanna feel love.
I don’t wanna feel pain.
But the things you put me through
intoxicates my veins.

I saw you with that other guy,
I clench my fist with rage.
How can you do this to me?
Just because of my age.

Now I’m at the edge of a cliff,
with fire in my eyes.
Look at what you’ve done to me
now I believe I can fly…

I’m flying…
like a angel in the sky.

This feeling won’t last long
I don’t have any wings.

I’m falling….
The angels turned to stone.

Even when I’m facing death
you are there….
Witnessing my last breath.

by Empath In flames

Comments (5)

the matter which nature made destroyed that also.........
A nature song penned in a lighter vein, in my opinion.
surely u don't get the song... crappp? ? ? tried to think on the human soul... and u will find a great song! this is william blake, for god sake! crap? ! not in the same sentence...
Lord knows what this guy would've written about Batman.