The Blue Fugates

I was starting my vacation in the early September
or was it late August I can’t quite remember
well with me was a road map so I felt quite secure,
‘til a man said “that things years old, this I can assure.”

Oh great, now I’m lost way deep in Kentucky
With out a map, with out a hope, I think I’m far from lucky.
As I drove around and looked for life I came across a house
and lucky me ‘cause out the door came some guy and his spouse.

I tired to keep composure but my jaw just hit the ground
I tried to yell but I was scared and uttered not a sound.
I’ll tell you why I had such fear but you’ll not think it true.
For when I laid my eyes on them there skin was dark, dark blue!

It was a real strange color, it could be almost gray.
And I know If I could speak right then that this is what I’d say
“God said he walked on water so that he’d look all cool”
“but really all he did was take a step in your gene pool”

They sounded stern and blunt with me as they said “can we help”
I wished to say “I’m lost” but all that came out was a yelp
they shook there heads, sat me down and urged me to please talk
I said “of course, I’m sorry guys, I did not mean to gawk”

You see, I said, it’s strange to me because of how you look
well they gave a frown, so I looked down, and my camera’s what they took.
That’s when it just hit me then, I said I understood.
They smiled, said “well thank ya’ boy, we knew that someone could.”

I Soon said thank you and goodbye to the Fugates in Kentucky.
I’m thankful that the map was old ‘cause boy I sure was lucky.

by Josh Brabender

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