The Blue Sea

Walking barefooted
the sand tickles
sensing slowly
how it feels.
Gentle wind sooths
easing the soul
relieving the burden.
The rushing wave
reaching a creature
that will understand
between beauty and depth!

4th of May 2008

by Jazlle D. H.

Comments (10)

A very well written and lovely piece 10+ regards Tom
A beautiful composition! The poem has certainly touced a creature who is me! 10! - Raj Nandy,25 Jul 08
I can feel the peace myself I am jealous 10 Chris thankyou
'Gentle wind soothing/easing the soul/relieving the burden' I think is the heart of the poem, and ocean relieves some of that anguish related to living. Thanks.
Waves do not rest until it finds an understanding creature. From your poem it is revealed that the great search is still going on!
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