(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Blueprint States

It has always been significant.
That blueprint.
It describes their events!
Time released...
And to them sent.
But alterations to it...
Was never meant.
They have been trying to find,
Ways to avoid it.
Undermining the message.
And becoming annoyed by it!
And the blueprint states...
Exactly what the stakes are.
They have their scholars shouting in their ears.
Even Earth itself...
Can not get them to hear.
And they can not conceive,
This Earth living and breathing at all!
A common sense within them,
Has been ego enthralled!
And nothing sent...
Can transcend their dementedness.
They truly believe they are descendants of the heavens.
And yet their actions represent a demonicness.
And that blueprint goes ignored...
With every detail being abhorred!
As if to wish its existence,
To simply fade and go away!
Like a 'sanity' that now betrays them.
And the 'deities' have given them that!
And it appears as though...
They are clearly too powerful.
And here to take every shred of sanity back!
It has been selfishly abused...
To feed the greed of mindless fools!
What height of arrogance is this?
To dismiss what has been to them given,
To correct their senselessness!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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