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Fly Away Home
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Fly Away Home

Poem By Carolyn Sears

(poetry in progress)

the body is built for love
so give it a go
dont hold back
let it blaze
like a garden
go pluck some flowers
give the sweet rainbow
to your loved ones,
parents, sisters,
brothers or even your enemies
make them happy
for love works like magic
the antidote to tension
between the deadliest of foes

the body is built for love
so give it a go
dont hold back
forget the blue black jealousies
sustained in the fight
for name, fame and survival
relationship gone swollen
like a festering
ulcer that makes us
so ugly with
our unforgiving spirit

the body is made for love
so wind down your worries,
cool down your hatred
put them to rest
in the lake
of forgiveness
your broad and
humble heart
has to offer

relieve yourself of
poison that
slowly surely
kills the bdoy
mires and blocks
the road ahead
here, there
a pipe bursting
at its seams
pains taking its toll
a brain trapped
and suffocating
in red molten lava

the body is built for love
break free from the walls
of destructions,
a mountain ever ready
to spew flame of hostilities,
disputes, pent up

the body is built for love
let the best of you flow
love, care, patience, humility,
tear down the walls
of religious bigotry,
racism, and intransigences
of all kinds that
clog every pore

let yourself be able
to say to yourself
'oh yes, i have
lived a good life,
i have never let down
anybody greatly
except by mistake'
- which love would glaly
forgive and make up
for we live in a world
where only love could
ensure its survival

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