The Bones

Poem By The Bloodrose

A spoof of Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'The Bells'

See the graveyard with the bones
White bones
With the promise of sorrowful intones
And they gleam, gleam, gleam
In the dark shadow of the night
Like moonlight on a steam
With its brilliant silver beam
in night and day, day, day
they will slowly fade away
Like bleached ghostly stones
Oh the bones, bones, bones, bones,
Bones, bones, bones
From the gleaming and the glistening of the bones

See the fatal swinging of the bones
Tattered bones
With the promise of solemn intones
And they have hung
Over gallows they have swung
And so the bones will sway
On the breath of the wind
In the liquid light of day
Under the curse of decay
The ghastly skull will grin
And on the rope alone
Its master has it shown
How it moans!
How it groans!
With fearful creaking tones
When the northern winds have blown
Oh, the bones, bones, bones
Oh, the bones, bones, bones, bones, bones
Bones, bones, bones
Oh, the ratting and the tatting of the bones

See the haunting piled bones
Bloody bones
With the promise of grieving intones
Of the heartless troops
See now how they stoop!
With the ravens and the crows
And the blood settling on the snow
around the bodies cold
to the endless pealing of the churches for the dead
The eternal wishing for the dead
their face a mask of dread, dread, dread
as they lie now in repose
the crimson land above them froze.
And now they forever dwell
with secrets to never tell
And the northern wind blows
Oh the bones, bones, bones!
With the grind of crushing stones
Their faces wintry death
With the war cries upon their breath
what tales of battles they would have told!
Their glassy eyes now crying blood
deep into the scarlet mud
now the bodies set in stone
in the empty field alone
not a timid flower shown
not a single leaf has grown
in the battlefield above the bones-
oh the bones,
oh the bones, bones, bones, bones
bones, bones, bones
oh the creeping and the weeping of the bones

See the hidden bones
Ancient bones
with the promise of long ago intones
where they see no light of day
Amid deep and curving ways
in the darkness they hide
Deep within the hollows
That their spirits long have followed
where they have died
In the chambers, undisturbed
Sleeping unperturbed
Still there
And they rat, tat, tat
In their creeping despair
and they begin to quail at
the darkness at which they stare
and they sit there all alone
The grim despairing bones
In the deep catacombs
In the shadow
They look at
And they rat, tat, tat,
A sounding from the bones!
And a single line is shown!
A sounding from the bones!
Deep in the catacombs!
Hidden away, way, way
To never see the light of day
Oh the cracking of the bones
Of the bones:
Hidden away, way, way
To never see the light of day
Oh the cracking of the bones-
Oh the bones, bones, bones
And the despair of the bones
Hidden away, way, way
In the deep catacombs
To never see the light of day
Oh the smacking of the bones
Oh the bones, bones, bones:
Oh the cracking of the bones
Of the bones, bones, bones, bones-
Bones, bones, bones-
Oh the despairing and the tearing of the bones

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