The Book Without A Tale

In a book of empty chapters
full of verse with missing lines
changing suffering for worship
in a song that never rhymes
giving meaning to the pages
that reply with shades of light
from beginning through the ages
you thought words would give you sight

Mirrors flatter your existence
values no one else has shared
you believed you were a partner
in the industry you shared
visions gained but now forgotten
kept in pockets where you keep
all the other treasures valued
with the words you'll never speak

Hope is something that you'll deal with
as you gather up the dust
with opinions that you sweep into
a bucket full of rust
feelings clamber on your shoulders
like the jacket that you wear
and display in front of millions
representing what you share

Teachers lie at your insistance
as you hold on to the gun
praising all your empty pages
and the things you never done
every word just like the last one
in a never ending sale
of compliance from the masses
in the book without a tale.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

Insightful, well done Charles. Patricia
The book without a tale - a person without a life (or lacking validation of life) , it would seem. Not sure I've got a handle on this poem; but it is well-written from beginning to end, that is sure.
Charles, awesome from beginning to end. Certainly a profound 'tale'... very insightful. Brian