Day Of Grief

Day is...
Day is not...
The sun
Continues to rise...
And set...
Only to rise again.

Life goes on...
Day in...
Day out...
And yet, somewhere,
Buried deep in my soul,
The tears continue
To fall,

And the pain goes on,
Always and ever,
For those lost souls
Of September 11,
And for the loss
Of the world
As we knew it.

As FDR said about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, at the start of World
War II, 'A day that will live in infamy...' So is the day the Twin Towers
fell, and thousands died...Thousands who planned to go home that night, and yet never had the chance. Thousands who never dreamed their world would end on that day, in that way, became immortal before the setting of the sun, September 11,2001. God rest their souls.

Linda Treat
September 11,2001

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (4)

The moher-daughter relationship can be so beautiful but yet also so tenuous. Tender and poignant write.
I envy the power of her craft. Bill Grace
This is a very emotional poem, sad yet telling. To me, it is beautifully written and touching.
This is an excellent capturing of the emotions of an abused woman and the resolution to keep her own ddaughter safe. My favorite by Sharon Olds.