The Bosom I'Ll Never Lie

O mortal sin I forbid!
Pale symbol of corrupt souls
And their yearnings of vile,
The struggle and the daring, I wish to prevail
In battle with my kneels
On the crimson bed of immorality
Under her roof you live by her rules
Flee or fall, is a lone preference
Upon the bosom of harlotry
Is the strength of the mighty slain
Casting down many wounded
In Pity, I dropped a tear
For the unfair trade for sex
Slim worthless pleasure
They said; it's hard to say never
Perhaps I know!
But I'm taking no chances with my life
Only that I hope to always go by
The toughest choice I could long for
Contrary to the call of nudity
Let grace hold me back from her
This flesh can't make me a promise
It does betrays the nobility of kings
I'll have her whispers elude me
Her bosom, I'll never lie.

by Oni Omotayo

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