The Boss

I may have been a sinner, my soul was very lost
I was never talked about, crucified or hung on a cross.

I have tried to live my best,
Knowing that my Jesus would do the rest.
Having many trials and tribulations,
Now I can lay my burdens upon my Jesus' chest.

He does not ask much of us each day,
Just spend a few moments on your knees and pray.
He's the light of my life, my salvation every day;
Just put your trust in Him, He will show you the way.

I am His in whatever I may do,
No matter how many temptations I may go through;
No matter who or what I have to face each day,
Put it in His hands, He will walk with you along the way.

I will do whatever He asks, may look back and fret over my past,
Thanking Him for His love and kindness,
Just think -- I have really been blessed.

I have only one Boss; without Him, I am lost.
He's the one who suffered, bled and paid the cost;
He died on the cross, He is my one and only Boss.

by Harold L. Ellison

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