(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Who I Am

I'm not a risk taker. I'm the one who stands in the background encouraging others to shine and giving them love leaving none for myself without them knowing it.

I'm not a loud person. I am the one sitting in the back and suffering in silence as the terrible days pass but no one can see my invisible tears and scars and the ones who do don't care.

I'm not mean. I love with the passion of the sun but can't find anyone to share it with even through miles of searching.

I am not an attention seeker. I cause pain to myself because without it I am left numb and abandoned by what I thought was the goodness in my soul but turned out to be fakeness built on deception and lies.


by Unknown Ever

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.......... the similarities of plant and human are remarkable... ~.in youth they feel they cannot die, And ignore the old trunks where they lie, Knowing not on what they feed, That the old are supplying that need! ~