MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Bottle Belongs To A Babygirl

If love is a flower
And hate is a weed
Why can't we unite
When we plant the seed

If a child is hungry
And a rich boy has food
When the rich boy grows up
Will he destroy that childs neighborhood

When a black man overcomes
He feels rich at last
But his mind is still enslaved
Because he can't bury the past

If a baby girl is born
To the father of a KKK member
The girl becomes a woman of hate
Because there is no love to remember

When the cold becomes brutal
Because the high price of oil hurts
No one can pay the oilman
Because there's no gas to travel to work

If one man controls all the money
And all others are poor
Will u be welcomed into the castle
When u walk thru the door

Will u be rich or poor
This u must decide
Because the middleclass
Will have to run and hide

If u control all the money
By stealing it from your brother's hand
U may be ruler of a nation
But you're hated by your fellowman

Little baby with a bottle
Will you grow up and change the world
If baby boys refuse to grow up
Perhaps the bottle should belong to a girl

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wonderful poem! ! ! ! very well written
What a nice poem! The world to heed! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!