Broken Hart

i never asked for to much ill i asked was for u to let me know whats going on.

i thought n thought so i lift my spirits n cleared my soul u never tried to be there like i was told.

i love u so vary much your my world my hart my soul but i guess your telling me to not fight in hold on.

i tried n i cried but u never gave me your time, i waited n waited but still there was no call

i think to myself should i just move on? . times are hard in times are ruff but i need a shoulder that i can lean on.

if u are here for me like u say u are why cant u fight to show me that u are.

i don't wont to fuss nor fight so please babe i wont in on your life

if u love her like before let me go so i can move on in not crying no more

i don't wont to see us end but i don't wont to see us like this again u have my hart in your hands

so think carefully in set your hart were u think it belongs

by Amber Nipper

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