TB ( / Atlanta GA)

The Boy And A Girl

all you could see was black nappy hair pulled into a ponytail
his hair was so long you could tell he never went to jail'
he told the gurl he loved ha be4 he went
and be4 he could resent
the gurl sat quietly lookin at him go
the she screamed out no
you cant go, to war
its to far away
will i ever see you again till this day
he said maybe but i doubt it
i dont like this 1 bit
if i were to say no
my hair wouldve got cut off
and i would be lonely behind bars
i would rather live on mars
she said please im begging you
stay with me
he said i gotta go
2 months later he came back
not just 2 visit 2 stay
bcuz he got wounded 2day
they got married
and died 12gheta
in bushs war

the end

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