The Boy And Girl Within

theres a girl i know
that doesn't know which way to go
Left is shame, hate,
and more room for more pain
more hurt left to create
Right is guilt, and regret of being alive
cause inside
every part of her has died
a girl who wants to crawl into a ball
and wants to withdrawl
from everything
and when she tries to let down her guard
she F
Theres this boy i met
who has his mind completely set
that he has nothing or nobody left
nothing to live for
and everythings his fault
like hes a mistake that just couldn't be corrected
all his life had been nothing but neglection
he feels as if he's not beautiful
like he's not special
cause all his life that's what he's been told
he had no one to love him
no one to hold
he feels so low beneath
feels like garbage that just stinks
because everyone in his life keeps there distance
and he tries to come out
but hes trapped
hes hidden
This BOY and This GIRL won't let anybody all the way in
because of the situations they've been in
and although that was then
these memories are always gonna be carried within
and can't be taken
the pain don't sem to lessen
so they wait when that can change
where they can go straight up to heaven

by Shilesha Johnson

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