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The Boy I'Ll Never Have...

As I sit in my desk and watch my best friend flirting with the guy of my dreams, I wonder...why? I know she does it to make me mad...I know she does it to make me hurt...and inside she knows I'm dieing but doesn't care.
As people watch my expressions they know the reason and call her slut and whore behind her back. They think she can't hear but she does and knows I'm the reason they hate her so much.
The next day she kisses him right in front of me. Then shes does it again in front of all of our 'friends' They hate her more then ever now for breaking my heart, and the whole time this crush has no idea why I tear up every time he talks to me.
He now knows how I feel, his hurting inside..everyone can tell. They all tell him to make a move, so I know that he really does care. But his to chicken to commit, so he continues to hurt me and she just laughs.
When he looks at me I know he loves me but he likes her to...He chose her....And now Everyone now knows his the boy I'll never have...

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yeah, what Doc said. this kid sounds like a punk. Darby
What makes you think that since he knows he's hurt you for making a mistake that he doesn't consider you 'the girl he'll never have'... after all, would you take him after this? Plenty of fish in the sea with lots of good times ahead, I promise... Great write too... Lee