The Boy I Once Knew

Where oh where could my little boy be?
It can’t be this man in front of me.
What happened to the games we use to play?
When I had to leave, and he’d ask me to stay.
This man seem’s to go by the same name,
But the way it was, it just isn’t the same.
When I’d talk to him he would listen with ease,
Now all I hear is “ be quiet please”.
This man I see seem’s to have the same eye’s,
But when he’s sad I don’t see them cry.
I use to call him my teeny lil super guy,
If I say it now, he look’s and say’s why!
His skateboard and friend’s are all that he see’s,
I’m just a shadow and so are my pleas.
My little boy must be hidden in there,
If he’s playing hide and seek, he’s not playing fair.
Maybe someday when he’s grown and married,
He’ll give his son the eye’s that he carries.
I’ll see them light up when I walk in the room,
And watch him play car’s, and make them go zoom.
I’ll call him my teeny lil super guy,
Then maybe I’ll see that same twinkle in his eye.

by Skittles XOXO

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