The Boy I Once Knew

There was a boy that I once knew,
He hugged his mother as he left for school.
He was so brave, he didn't cry,
He only looked back to wave good-bye.
His mother smiled, and held back her tears,
As she says good-bye to his little boy years.
She tried to be brave, and tried not to cry,
As she returned the wave of good-bye.
His mother knows that boys grow fast,
And moments like these will not last.
There will come a day when he takes a wife,
And he will start a different kind of life.
The days quickly turned to years,
And his mother said good-bye through loving tears.
Her time of pain was now at an end,
By they knew they would see each other again.
It has been hard to say good-bye,
He wasn't brave or afraid to cry.
He had loved his mother with all his heart,
And it hurt so bad to be apart.
This little boy, now a fine young man,
Now holds another woman's hand.
As they say their vows of eternal love,
His mother watches from above.
There was a man that I once knew,
Hugged his son as he left for school,
He was so brave, he didn't cry,
And only looked back to wave good-bye.

by Bonnie S. Garfoot

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