The Boy In The Attic

Trapped within those walls
He sits there, so content
Never knows of all the things
So full of wonderment

He's happy where he is
And yearns for nothing more
Than what's inside those dark, thick walls
Like anytime before

Then on that one fine day
A spider slipped right through
The crack in the attic ceiling
And spun a silk web, too

The boy looked at that shiny web
And his wheels began to turn
A spark of interest stung his mind
There must be more to learn

The web that spider wove up there
So intricate and detailed
Made him think about the world
He thought he knew so well

“Tell me, my dear spider
From whence did you come from?
How did you get in here and
Why do I feel so numb? ”

The spider answered “Child!
You've not seen beyond that door?
A turn of that old doorknob
Could be the start of something more.”

The boy's eyes moved toward the doorway
Affixed upon the knob
Afraid of what's behind it
Yet tempted to go on

“The only world I've ever known
Is the safe one, right in here
The unknown is a risky place
A world engulfed with fear.”

The wise old spider scurried down
And climbed upon his hand
The Attic Boy listened, for the spider spoke
Like a falling grain of sand

“The greatest achievements made on Earth
Weren't made by the afraid
They were made by being gutsy
They were made by being brave

“So step outside, and change the world
Teach them something new
Don't let the fear of falling
Ever stop or limit you.”

The Attic Boy walked to the door
And turned the creaky knob
He glanced back at the spider
Who gave a wink and then a nod.

The Attic Boy lives in us all
He's the one that holds us back
But Attic Boy's can find their way
If you give them the courage they lack

by echo burke

Comments (3)

Fantastic take on the breaking of boundaries. Innovative. Well done.
Splendid read, I felt a bit sorry for the boy until the spider appeared on the scene and the story took off. Lovely, L&T
what a splendid poem, as I was reading it I felt like shouting at the screen 'my god I am the boy in the attic', well done x, and an original idea.