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The Boy In The Bathtub
FA (1988- / Mexico City)

The Boy In The Bathtub

The boy in the bath tub, showing a side nobody could see.
The demonstration where from his life he tried to be free.
His wrists are bloody, he's dizzy from pills,
The water is stained crimson from his childish thrills.
There's a razor on the floor and a note on his head,
And written down on it was 'I hate all of you, I'd rather be dead.'
? You don't understand me, you think I'm insane.
So with this bloody razor, I'm slashing these chains.
That keep me around you, day after day,
With the things against me that you do and say.
I keep on failing; you say it all the time,
So I decided to punish my horrible crime.
The crime of my birth in this pathetic world,
Hated by all, dads, moms, boys, and girls.
I no longer want to act as if I'm so fine,
Because I'm screaming out inside, I want what is mine.
The feeling that I used to have before now,
Before all this piled up and then quickly fell down.
This tower of agony that's too high for you to climb,
Well I'm diving from the top; I'll splatter on the ground in a short time.
That was the ending of the letter he wrote,
All that he asked was to not be your escape goat.
But I'm looking in the mirror, now I can see.
The boy in the bathtub in the ending was me.

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I absolutely love it, I feel the same, I can totally relate! ! ! email me bak sumtime, id love to talk, I love ur poems there rly good! ! !