The Boy Next Door

Poem By Golden Heart

He'd knock on my door
From the day he moved next
And give me that grin of his
My heart was pulled into a hex.

We'd play tag
We'd play ball
We'd catch each others hearts
If they would ever fall.

He was with me
on every fight.
And led me home
after every long night

Our feelings grew embarrassed
To be friends with each other
But we held hands like always
Despite the dirty mutter

I began to fall for him
Because he always cared
I liked him so much that it hurt
Because of friendship that we shared

I found out that he wanted me
As much I wanted him
He gave me my first kiss
When the school lights grew dim

I spent all of the time with him
When like did turn to love
As her brought me daily flowers
And my heart flew like a dove

Surely he offered me his hand
and got down on his knee
Smiling that old grin of his
and asking me a wedding plea.

First he was my neighbor
Then my best friend
He became my crush
Now my groom that I will wed.

He was with me all my life
It'll follow the same
From that knock on my door
and that silly tag game.

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Thanks! ! ! I appreciate it, I'm not one for rhyming usually
Wow WOw 100 great write beautiful

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