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The Boy Who Left Home

A familiar scene,
Gets smaller and fades,
Finally into a pocketed memory,
Kept vividly in the heart.

He was immersed into a strange world,
What alien land is this? Pondered the boy,
No navigator or point man could comprehend it.

He explored deeper,
Trying to unravel the mystery around him,
Trying to find signs and answers.

In his search,
He saw people, painted in different colours,
Chattering away in confusing voices,
He felt lost, afraid, alone…

But soon he realized,
As he looked deeper beyond their strange clothes and colours,
They are not that different after all,
He bled red blood, breathed on air,
So did they...

When they let out their heart,
He felt compassion, kindness, warmth,
He was home after all..

“The Earth is our home,
We live in it together,
Why fight and hurt each other,
When we live under the same roof? ”

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with my appear make me tear, hug and kiss for peace