The Boy Who Never Stood By

I want to hurt them in so many ways,
Hit them hard till the one of them pays,
Kick them down; hit them now,
Let that side out; but I don’t know how,

When I’m finished they’ll bleed and bleed,
An ambulance is all they’ll ever need,
Swap sides for just a while,
Making them pay would make me smile,

But I will just stand there and take it all,
Mute my ears from the names they call,
Wishing that they could be me,
The satisfaction would finally be,

So I stamp a bit harder, hoping for death,
Making there ears go muted and deaf,
From the names I call back to numb the hurt,
For once, please no blood on my shirt,

But as ever it’s me again,
Stop this bullying or I’ll go insane,
Someone help; help me please
Before they once again take me to my knees,

As blood pores from my wounded head,
How much I wished I’d stayed in bed,
But I have to show they cannot win,
Stop the bullying, put it in the bin,

And once again I return to school,
Everyone laughs at me the fool,
So when the chance comes I will take it quick,
Because bullying makes me feel so sick,

No one laughed when his head went crack,
When the victim finally hit back,
And when I looked down I saw his face,
And spat at his body in sheer disgrace,

And know I get the respect I deserve,
My status has rapidly went round a curve,
And up thorough the roof and up to the sky,
Because I’m the boy who never stood by.

November 2004

by James Lee Watts

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