To Shakepseare 2

At Avon from richest time words sprung
To hear with heart what bard's heart hath write
And like swarm of dreams spake by his tongue
To delight age's ear and to defeat time's might
But we time's fools looks but with disdain
Upon ourselves when to the Bard compared
Yet within thy words we indulged remain
Memorized, rehearsed, recalled and stared
O dear behold thy name in Times like these
Immortalized, lovely, fresh and green
And behold rhymes for thee in Time increase
but none as thine to comfort our spleen
Time is our compeller, for thee is but a slave
that thou disdainth, and him for thee doth crave

by Ali Alispeare

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The boys is wow: this poem is wonderful.i L.O.V.E's just wow.
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Realistically thankfully not just the rich boys club, because these aspirations seem sown into parenthood and reflect the dreams and desires of parents for daughters and sons. Many of the greatest sporting heroes, actors on film and stage, composers, writers, singers, adventurers have come from across the spectrum of society. Without their achievements our cultural heritage is indelibly diminished. Their triumphs successes inspire dreams hopes within a child like creativity and imagination within each generation, which enriches fosters nurtures blesses us all. Love also often renders both genders suddenly mysteriously young. So here’s to ‘The Purity Of Love’ When it comes to a pure love age is neutralized we are all children playing in life’s playground.
Poem seems to reflect the hopes and aspirations of Fathers. Though it seems aimed at the upper crust, who joggle sons into positions. The poem does not note a worker or manual labor type position. We all have hopes for our sons.
i must say a 10+.....kudos to you Mr. Holmes....thanks, reminded me of my father.... this weekend him and my mother left for their final destination home. (HEAVEN) ....its been some time ago but i miss them dearly...and your poem put a smile on my face as it reminded me of him. Thankyou Great Work..! ! !
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