AA (23/04/1959 / BLIDA)

The Braille Coeurh

What is your nature strip? You go without me

What will be your grief love? You leave my forehead

My irises bloom in the dawn without drowning

My soul grows, garden of evil or will be born

The cold injury in my heart forgot

The brilliance of the sun, cover the eyes scorpions

Transfigured dawn swarm bent kiss

Raises the aroma, leaves in pieces

Rude designed, hand drawn me dictates my life

I would offer so much, my perfume opium April

I know every puff on a sore lip envy

Wave hot bait on a bottom manly

I tend to play my bird, my soul I broods

Cons torpor lunar weighs on my shoulder

A black curtain of fear of a white mirror, I agree

My wrinkles draw willingly spent in coals

Streams, desolation, despair, pain

Sooner or later, the light shapes the horizon

Trainera darkness for sweets

Dew water, tear of joy full season

traslated in english from my web site www.coeurh.blogspot.com

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