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The Brain Weevil
TS Ted Sheridan ( / )

The Brain Weevil

I have a cancer growing on my head
I found it there one day
When alerted by a slight but constant itch
I scratched the surface off of it
Releasing future throe
The smart of which costs me
A piece of my life each day
I have a cancer on my head
Now swollen and sore
Its density deepens within my withering skull
Digging and drilling like a brain weevil it feeds
On what little there is left of me to eat

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Comments (3)

the brain weevil wouldn`t get vrey fat on my head
cancer the killer disease on mans body on lease his soul uncancerous at final release your words i hope are not real...metaphoric only to this dumbskull of mine
A gruesome read indeed Ted! May I suggest a completely freeing Taibotomy? if there is anything left to smack of course? ! lol Smiling at you, Tai in de skies with you know who! lol