The Brain

The brain, is responsible, for everything
you do! it will give you commands, that
makes you, follow through. It sends you
signals, when it's time to eat, by the
hunger that you feel. It also will let you
know, by making you full and you had,
enough of your meal! It will let you know,
when you're tired and it's time, to go to
bed. You'll begin to rub your eyes and
feel like, a sleepy head! If you're feeling
under the weather, it's telling you, that
something is wrong! It's then you realize,
into the bed, is where you belong. The
brain dictates whatever you do and say!
Just pay attention, to it's signals and in
the interim, you're bound to be okay. It's
vital, that you feed your brain, with the
proper food and rest. And it will never
fail you, when it's being put, to the test!

by Audrey Heller

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