The Brave Soldier Men

It is our brave solider men that risk their lives to fight and protect our country

It is their loyalty and bravery that symbolizes for the meaning of love and unity that we all stand for

It is these solider men that we take pride and pay respect for the sacrifices that they have made

It is these solider men remind of us the loss of lives and the shed blood is priceless and unforgettable to their beloved ones and families

It is these solider men define what a great nation America exemplify for strong-willed and faith

It is these soldier men diligent duties to their fellow citizens and country men that make each and every one of us a proud American

In all it is our duties and responsibilities to salute and honor these bold and courageous soldier men for their patriotism and unselfishness act to serve our country

by Hanh Chau

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