The Break Up

The night we met a lasting memory
A memory which brought only glee
The following weeks forever cherished
A feeling now I realise has perished

Real is the love in my heart for you
In love I wish I could say was true
I know I broke your heart before
But deep in my heart continues this war

I don’t wish to bring a tear to your eye
Overwhelming pain when I see you cry
But to hide these words would not be fair
These hidden feelings I can no longer bare

In my heart I always prayed this could work
Though too close these feelings did so lurk
As my eyes swell with tears at the thought
To let go of the happiness with you I sought

My hope this third time would be the charm
A time no happiness could come to harm
Though as I write these words to you
The hope I now realise is too far out of view

In each word I write is a piece of my heart
As the realisation hits that I will depart
The gift of your love will be greatly missed
I shall never forget the first time we kissed

by Zoe SEM

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