Agree To Disagree

Agree to disagree
Often to express free
You and me
It has to be

It may rule the scene
We can still be happily seen
You are as close as ever it is
It is felt always by me as it is

You said it with honesty
It was nice to hear and felt very happy
It had nice feeling and warm touch
No one can come forward and each

I have yet to learn a lot
It may be considered as fine shot
I take it as matter of pride
There is nothing much to hide

You said it with all the humors
There is no senior or junior
As we sail in same boat
There has to be no sugar quote

Things may move in orderly manner
It may turn good later or sooner
Let us swell all our personal pride
Open discussion and nothing to hide

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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