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The Bride Of Frankenstein (Aka Creating A Woman)
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The Bride Of Frankenstein (Aka Creating A Woman)

Poem By Chuck Audette

Life from Death, consigned!
do I dare re-cross this line?
to combine
with good hair
is that such a scare?
truly, a great pair...
(but the people will stare)

How my name's been maligned, so unfairly
though I know what it's like to be God!
(well, barely)
But as like he,
from Adam to Eve
so I, likewise,
will achieve!

Ah, now arrives the electric storm
to at last enlive this eclectic form!
Nearly time...

So beautifully refined
a clear sign
of my Intelligent Design
She'll be superior
and smart -
a genuis work of art,
(with some lovely parts!)
But a sudden thought of mine
as with a jolt, I start
to truly be devine
it ought’ve had a heart,
this Bride of Frankenstein,
and I left it on the cart!

(A belated Halloween poem inspired by a classic horror movie)

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Comments (5)

Chuck, Of all the things to forget about in a woman! ... the very best part! B.V.A.
Poetically tight, intellectually sharp and very phecking funny. jim
Hee-larious on sooo many levels! ! ! ! ! ! You got me at '...to combine brains with good hair...' - - on-the-floor-funny, this! Brains and humor: go, boy! ! ! ! ! !
I adored this. Well paced, well funny, well done! Hugs Anna xxx
This is excellent. Some brilliant rhymes and skewed metre and some amusing ideas.