The Bridegroom And His Wife

We have a friend, named Jesus.
He's a treasure, from above.
GOD sent His Only Son, to save us.
He's a gift, of Heavenly Love.

Jesus is our Friend and Bridge groom.
He came to save us, from sin and doom.
He teaches us, we must give,
only then; we'll forever live.

The church is Jesus' pregnant wife.
It's steadily growing, with born again life.
If all will do as Jesus told,
then all will achieve, the HEAVENLY GOAL.

When the Wife's labor starts,
and those without; a CHANGE OF HEART.
Refused Jesus, as a friend;
surely they'll die, because of sin.

The Bridegroom's Wife, from the Earth,
will yield to Heaven, a Holy Birth.
GOD's Kingdom,
radiates in the sky.

In the twinkle of an eye,
those of Jesus, will receive;
a glorified body and never die.
GLORY HALLELUJAH! Will be the praise.
Resurrected from the dead, they were raised.

Those with an ear,
let them hear.
The Bridegroom,
is coming soon.

Fully bloomed,
the Bridal Wife.
Without spot or blemish,

by Minette Smith

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