Stand By Me

Through the storms
Stand by me
Through my trials and tribulations
Stand by me
Through my dark days
Stand by me
That's what you signed up for
in our marriage vows.

In sickness and in health
Stand by me
In abundance and in lack
Stand by me
In sorrow and in joy
Stand by me
In poverty and in wealth
Stand by me
That's what is meant by for better and worse.

We witness many fall outs
People don't stand by each other
We witness many separations
People refuse to stand by each other
We witness many divorces
People break their marriage vows
People will not stand by each other
So stand by me my love.

by Qiniso Mogale

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the tenderness of an onlooker at the finding and rescue of the body of unfortunate lonely one who could not find hope.
desperation at apparent lack of concern from others and inability to hope or to move toward connection with compassionate humans
I've loved this poem since the first time I read it as a pre-teen...though didn't begin to understand it at the time. Now I see so much women were seen, even through the kindest of eyes...sad in so many ways, yet it never fails to move me.